About Baht’at



Hello There and Welcome to Sport Baht’at, a new blog which focuses on covering sport within God’s Own County of Yorkshire.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joshua Chapman, I’m 19, a expectant father and I’m currently a Trainee Sports Journalist at the University of Huddersfield.

Keighley born and bred, I recently made the move to Clayton in Bradford to be with my Pregnant Girlfriend, however, this has diminished my love for sport, especially in my home county of Yorkshire.

After being published on Bradford City’s Blog Award Double Winners, Width of a Post and Bantams Banter, I have since become the Media Officer at the Keighley Cougars. I’m also a regularly published sports reporter for The Yorkshire Times.

I’ve been following Bradford City since there 1999/00 Premier League Campaign with my support of Keighley Cougars beginning a year earlier in the clubs 1998 campaign.

With a passion in both Football and Rugby League being fired up through they previous nineteen years of my life, it seems now to be the time to step up and rise up in the blogging world.


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