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MJK sports events are an established sports events company that prides itself on the service we provide and the quality of the sports events that we organise.

We work closely with our clients and customers both old and new and try to build long lasting professional relationships with them. Our guests enjoyment ALWAYS comes first.

As a company we have made it our mission to deliver innovative, unique & exciting events showcasing the very best from the world of professional sport. We believe in good value for money sports events/dinners heavy on atmosphere and entertainment and with good audience participation. This philosophy see’s us continue to grow as a company.

With a celebrity portfolio that includes current UK and International sports stars and also ex professional sports legends, we can provide the celebrity to suit your audience and your budget.

We also work with some of the best memorabilia dealers in the world to bring your charity auctions to life. Everything from Muhammad Ali to Pele, Bryan Robson and Gazza to Messi and Maradona. Prize pieces to remember your evening by and cherish forever.

We can also supply smaller value sports items and memorabilia for your charity raffles

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Well. Where do we start: We’re liberal with a small L, environmentally friendly – but we cook our lentils. We’re not misogynistic, racist, ageist, sexist, bigoted, arrogant or self-righteous – except when we’re right of course.

We make a serious attempt to do ‘the right thing’ – whatever that means in any absolute sense – and we try to get through life by illuminating the facts rather than destroying the players.

We’re massive fans of Yorkshire and we hope that our paper will reveal some of the enormous depth and breadth of talent across our county.

We very much hope you like our style of presentation and our editorial position but we’re open to criticism.

Please feel free to contact us about any matter by emailing editor@yorkshiretimes.co.uk

Thanks for reading The Yorkshire Times.


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